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While earning his B.Sc. in Physiology, Ron loved becoming a graduate instructor and actor. The wealth of experience in his diverse background led him to develop his visioning strategy. From there he launched his career into the business world.

Positive, energetic, and insightful, Ron has been featured in Fast Company Magazine, The Globe and Mail Report on Business, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, Toronto Business, Business Edge and Small Business Magazine. He has appeared on Rogers Cable10, Linda Leatherdale's Money Show, and as a regular guest discussing meeting productivity on Cable Pulse 24.

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* To get the most value during our call, please be prepared to tell Ron, what is your No.1 concern and when you would like to have it resolved.

Components of Ron’s varied experience.

The components of this vast experience have contributed to Ron honing his skill at running expedient, productive meetings from a fresh, objective and curious vantage point. Along the way, he has developed some very effective communication tools. What you see when you walk into your meeting room is a screen projecting the outline of a plan and a technographer (note taker) sitting at her computer. Throughout the meeting, the challenges are voiced and goals expressed and projected onto the screen, compelling participants to focus. At the end of the meeting, after cutting through the clutter and creating a unified vision, the team walks a way with a detailed documented action plan highlighting responsibilities with timelines.
BOOK your 20 minute complimentary *call:
Ho’oponopono * To get the most value during our call, please be prepared to tell Ron, what is your No.1 concern and when you would like to have it resolved.


Throughout his careers, Ron has worked with a wide variety of clients spanning all sectors, each one unique but all similar in their need for quick, effective, productive planning. These clients include Human Resources Development Canada, City of Brampton, the Ontario Energy Board, the Ontario Mining Association, the Association of Association Executives; not-for-profits, ProAction and Tourettes Syndrome; Hydro One, Mercedes Benz, NCR, Terradata and Prime Restaurants. One exciting coventure was teaching the Visioning methodology to high school students to assist planning their futures to reaching their goals.



His mother gave birth effortlessly in 5 minutes. He was healthy: 1 out of 400,000,000,000. Unconsciously, the relationship with his parents triggered his lifelong investigation to understand the relationship between his masculine and feminine natures.


I starred in my first acting role, as a truant, coincidentally, in grade 8.


Ron’s first experience of having a Contrarian nature.

He enjoys starting with dessert; prefers being an auditory communicator when others were either visual or kinaesthetic. In high school Ron sang in the all-boys choir; was a member of the Chess and Camera Clubs and a basketball manager.


Ron earned his water skiing badge after struggling to swim 10 lengths at camp at 14.

He had to repeat grade10, just passing the second time; wired his basketball coach’s house for audio speakers; had a Bar Mitzvah; loved learning Latin in high school which launched his interest to understand the root and the origin of words.


Loving the way a problem is described in words was instrumental in enhancing Ron’s problemsolving diversity.

He sold Christmas stationary while in high school; was a winter drugstore delivery biker for a week; delivered early morning newspapers; delivered automotive parts throughout high school. His father taught him to drive standard transmission.


Ron got chastised by the professor for his first psychology paper. This stop-in-my-tracks experience launched his inquiry to know himself.

He was the lead actor in 'The American Dream' in college (a Canadian at an American college). Secondly, he had a major role in the comedy 'Ring Round the Moon’; was a member of the College Kiwanis; worked in the college cafeteria; was a high school parking lot guard at Hillsdale High School; bought a 1947 Harley in college (another story).


Ron got a cab license in 1972 and never drove a cab.

He was motivated by a good friend who drove a cab.

Ron was accepted into his second semester at Hillsdale College, Michigan.


Ron was politely deported from the U. S. for working without a permit.

I taught beginner Hebrew to kindergarten children. I graduated with a B.Sc. in Biology. I received my ONLY B average in my last semester. I taught undergraduate biology laboratory science at Graduate school. I attended George Washington University D.C. with a major in Business & Marketing. I sold income protection insurance in D.C. I was promoted to Branch Manager in Richmond, VA.. I made a backgammon board in needlepoint. I joined Great-West Life Insurance in Toronto. I worked for Bell Canada selling telephone systems, I joined the Industrial Acceptance Corporation as a Collection Agent. I was promoted to Asst. Mgr. of Operations.


Ron survived being threatened with a knife for repossessing a car.

Ron started a collection agency; sold interchangeable window signs; leased mobile marquises on wheels; managed a mobile sign company in Ottawa; manufactured and sold illuminated signs; sold the largest illuminated movie marquis in Guelph; sold novelty products; sold advertising space on community arena signs across Ontario; delivered flowers; imported and sold innovative products; created an erotic chocolate wholesale agency; wholesaled brownies to restaurants; sold (attempted) hydroponic farming before anyone knew about it. Ron’s greatest achievement was the co-founder of the International Environmental Liability Management Association.


I sold: actuarial services; water filtration through a straw; ergonomic toys; and installed ergonomic furniture; made appointments for a consultant; chauffeured limousines for different companies; facilitated meeting planning services; facilitated personal and corporate strategy meetings; wrote A Breakthrough in Strategic Planning; created and facilitated the first personal planning session over the internet.


Ron was the world’s first to facilitate virtual planning strategies.

Ron has been featured in print media numerous times highlighting his innovative planning facilitation tool; manufactured and sold TheThinkTank (the world’s first tool mechanical idea generator); sold for numerous network marketing companies; sold state-ofthe-art psychiatric software; leased ozonation equipment; sold native ceremonial services and potion; sold stationery supplies; sold Beanie Babies at the height of the market; performed as a background actor for 30 films; participated in 6 music videos; played a standardized patient for a pharmaceutical training school.

BOOK your 20 minute complimentary *call: Ho’oponopono * To get the most value during our call, please be prepared to tell me, what is your No.1 concern and when you would like to have it resolved.


To engage in having an insightful, inspiring and impactful kindversation.


J. F. Thornton


“I found the process straightforward, elegantly simple, and not focused on pathology. But, most important was the speed with which results were obtained and specifically tailored to the individual concerned. It has the potential to eliminate procrastination and give a person a plan to start on straightway. The process is very flexible and could easily be applied to a wide variety of situations”.

Robert T.,

V.P. Marketing

“Ron has an uncanny ability to enable business and personal associates to understand the current state of their personal and business relationships, to create a view of where one needs to go and to create and capture a plan for success. His processes are professional and comprehensive. His capabilities at bringing out the understanding of issues, and the creation of a plan are extremely valuable to the business, personal and interpersonal relationships”.

D. Sennet

Internet Marketing

“Ron is a visionary who applies his experience-honed skill set and unique methodology to help you reframe your challenges and apply novel solutions. If you haven’t fully realized your vision, he’ll show you how.” "Ron is a man of deep human wisdom and sensitivity combined with a practical, results-oriented mind. The balanced approach that so many people are looking for to have a satisfying professional life."

Anna B.

R. E. Broker

“Ronald is the kindest, loveliest, most intuitive, and the introspective man I have ever met. He makes me feel happy every time I see him. Ronald’s gift is identifying someone’s pain or blockage helping them to work past it. His approach enriched my life and helped me to achieve what I want”.

Arei B.

M. S. W.

“I am an unabashed and enthusiastic fan. I used the process to design a three-year plan for myself. All the goals I had set have been accomplished. Recently, having arrived at a new transition in my very busy life, I was faced with a variety of appealing yet confusing options for my future. It seemed wise to turn to the process for clarity, guidance, and direction. It’s fast and effective. At the end of 3 remarkably productive hours, I had a clear picture of the future I want, a clear understanding of potential challenges (both internal and external), and a laid-out action plan to put into immediate effect. The process is enabling me to manage the complexities of my life, rather than be immobilized and inclusive”.