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…. stuck?

…. too much on your mind?

…. no one will listen to you?

…. lost?
WELL, NOW THAT YOU ARE HERE, consider a possibility. Imagine having a worthwhile conversation about this concern with someone who will listen and offer specific insights to reveal a fresh perspective and options to do things differently.
With your permission give it a try. See for yourself. Talk with Ron. The only obligation that you have is to yourself.
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Ron’s extensive experience has contributed to honing his skill at facilitating expedient, productive meetings from a fresh, perspective and curious vantage point. Along the way, he has developed effective communication tools. What you see when you open your computer and enter the Zoom meeting is a template on which my note taker captures your thoughts. Throughout the meeting, the challenges are highlighted and goals described, as they appears on the screen. At the end of the virtual meeting, after gathering the pertinent ideas to create the vision, we have produced a detailed action plan identifying responsibilities with timelines.
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