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Ronald Tabachnick facilitates virtual planning meetings in which highly effective strategies are crafted. His personable, adept leadership combined with his original planning method ensure that all individuals focus and participate. The result is that a team walks away with a committed action plan within a very short time. Some of Ronald's clients include top management mapping annually their growth, public sector organizations solving problems and bullding teams, boards of directors meetings and those embarking on special projects, conferences and damage control.

The wealth of experience in Ronald's background which led him to develop Vision 20/20 is rich and varied. While earning his B.Sc. In Physiology, Ronald also became an actor and graduate instructor, all of which he loved. From there he launched into the business world, mostly in the areas of management, sales and marketing but always with a keen Interest in the dynamics of people working together creatively.

Along with practical experience Ronald has attended personal growth seminars and has read extensively in the areas of communications, creativity, spiritual awareness, sales and marketing. As a result, his approach to strategic planning combines a scientific methodology with an in depth understanding of human communications strategy. A team player himself, Ronald's experience is also drawn from the organizations In which he participates. His was a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors, The Strategic Leadership Forum, the Creative Problem Solving Institute and is an honorary member of Golden Key International. He was one of the original members who helped launch the Ontario Energy Association and went on to facilitate their various planning meetings for the association management. He co-founded the first and only International Environmental Liability Management Association, Toronto. Continually working on expanding his effectiveness as a strategic facilitator, Ronald became an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner.

Components of varled experience

The components of this varled experience have contributed to Ronald honing his skill at running expedient, productive meetings from a fresh, objective and curious vantage point. Along the way, he has developed some very effective communication tools. What you see when you walk into your meeting room is a screen projecting the outline of a plan and a technographer (note taker) sitting at her computer. Throughout the meeting, the challenges are voiced and goals expressed, are projected onto the screen, compelling participants to focus. At the end of the meeting, after cutting through the clutter and creating a unifled vision, the team walks a way with an action plan.

Throughout his careers, Ronald has worked with a wide variety of clients spanning all sectors, each one unique but all similar in their need for quick, effective, productive planning. They include Human Resources Development Canada, City of Brampton, the Ontario Energy Board, the Ontario Mining Association, the Assoclation of Assoclation Executives; not-for-profits, ProAction and Tourettes Syndrome; Hydro One, Mercedes Benz, NCR and Prime Restaurants. His latest exciting co-venture is teaching the Visioning methodology to high school students to assist them planning their futures to reaching their goals.

Fast Company Magazine

Positive, energetic, and insightful, Ronald has been featured in Fast Company Magazine. The Globe and Mail Report on Business, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, Toronto Business, Business Edge and Small Business Magazine. He has appeared on Rogers Cable #10, Linda Leatherdale's Money Show, and as a regular guest discussing meeting productivity on Cable Pulse 24.

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