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I am 77

My mother gave birth in 5 minutes. I was born healthy 1 out of 400,000,000,000. I unconsciously triggered my future investigation of the effect of the genetic relationship between masculine/feminine.

I was circumcised

I entered school in Nov1949 at 5 instead of at age 6. I repeat grade 8 just passing the second time around. I starred in my first play as a truant in grade 8.

My first experience of being a Contrarian.

I sang in the all-boys high school choir.I joined the camera club. I joined the chess club. I was basketball manager.

1 got my water skiing certificate at camp

I had to repeat grade 10 just passing the second time. wired my basketball coach’s house for speakers. I had a Bar Mitzvah. I loved learning Latin in high school.

This love was instrumental in my future consulting

I sold Regal stationery in high school. I installed a speaker system throughout my basketball coach's home. I was a winter drugstore delivery biker in grade 7. I delivered early morning newspapers. I delivered automotive parts while in high school. I got my driver’s license with my Dad’s guidance.

learning to drive standard getting license on auto

I got a cab license in 1972, never drove a cab.

Motivated by a good friend who drove a cab

I was accepted into my second semester at Hillsdale College, Michigan.

I got criticized for my first psychology paper, which launched my desire to know myself

I starred in the America Dream in college (a Canadian). I had a major role in Ring Round the Moon in college. I was a member of College Kiwanis at Hillsdale. I worked in the college cafeteria to pay for my meals. I was a high school parking lot guard at Hillsdale. I bought an a1947 Harley in College. I earned money as kitchen staff. My mother gave birth in 5 minutes. I was born healthy 1 out of 400,000,000,000. I unconsciously triggered my future investigation of the effect of the genetic relationship between masculine/feminine.

I was politely deported avoiding not being imprisoned for working in the U.S. illegally.

I earned money as a high school security guard. I taught Hebrew to kindergarten children. I graduated with a B.Sc. in Biology in June 1967. I received my ONLY B average in my last semester. I taught undergraduate bio lab science at Grad school. I attended George Washington University in Fall 1969. I sold income protection insurance in D.C. 1968-71 I was Branch Manager in Richmond, VA., 1971-72. I made a backgammon board in needlepoint, 1972. I joined Great-West Life Insurance in Toronto in 1972. I worked for Bell Canada selling telephones in1973 I joined I. A. C. as a Collection Agent. 1973-75 I was promoted to Asst. Mgr. of Operations. 1976

I survived not being murdered when I repossessed a car

I started my collection agency - one client. 1977 I sold interchangeable window signs. 1978 I leased mobile marquises on wheels.1979 I managed a mobile sign company in Ottawa.1979 I sold illuminated signs. 1980 I sold the largest illuminated movie marquis in Guelph.1980 I sold (part-time) novelty products. from 1980-85. I sold space on community arena signs across Ontario.1981 I delivered flowers.1982 I imported innovative products.1982-85 I created an erotic chocolate wholesale agency.1985 I wholesaled brownies to restaurants. 1985 I co-founded the International Environmental Liability Management Association. 1987 I sold (attempted) hydroponic farming. 1986

I co-founded Peer Task Force – innovative consulting.1986

I sold Actuarial Services. 1987 I sold water filters in a straw. 1990 I sold ergonomic toys. 1990 I sold and installed ergonomic furniture.1991 I made telephone appointments for a consultant. I drove limousines for different companies.1996-98 I sold facilitated planning services. 1998- today. I facilitate personal and corporate planning meetings. I wrote A Breakthrough in Strategic Planning. 2008 I created and facilitated the first personal planning session over the internet.

The first in the world to do this.

I have been featured over 50 times on TV. 1992-3 Discuss the value of planning using metaphoric examples. I have been featured in print media numerous times. My innovative planning facilitation tool. I sold for numerous network marketing companies. I manufactured and sold TheThinkTank.1996-1998 I sold psychiatric software, for a Buffalo psychiatrist. I leased ozonation equipment. I sold premium incentives. I sold native ceremonial services. I sold a native ceremonial potion. I sold ends lines stationery. I participated in marketing Beanie Babies. I have been a background actor for 30 films. I participated in 6 music videos.

One getting 90,000 views

I was in print commercials. I was a standard patient for pharmaceutical testing. I facilitated a commercial brainstorming session. I sold Historical Research Society reports. I sold and taped personal video histories. I was a part-time handyman assistant. I marketed insurance adjusting services. I introduced a writer to a producer for a documentary. I introduced 2 associates to start an internal camp. I sold leather cleaner at trade shows. I created different byproducts of the planning process. I sold and facilitated 5 legacy video interviews.

I survived prostate cancer. 2003

I achieve personal gratification at 76. I survived 2 heart attacks. 2008, 2011 I survived 3 car accidents. I introduce a friend to market jars in Spain. 2014 I visited Spain first the first time all on my own. 2014 I sponsored my first professional workshop. Apr 2016 I tended and managed the bar. because I could be trusted 1985

I am debt-free.

I beat depression after 20 years. I negotiated to import organic wine from Spain.2017 I am focusing on promoting ‘Insightful Kindersation© I am facilitating my first creativity workshop. 2017 I read over 500 books on creativity, communications sales, personal growth, and spiritual awareness. I lived with The First Nations Peoples in Manitoba.

I was gifted with an Eagle feather for my contrarian nature.

I promoted a Russian psychiatrist to teach the Key to help people relax. I am a highly creative and innovative idea generator. I have over15 wonderfully complimentary testimonials. I was instrumental in facilitating the launch of The Ontario Energy Association, a dream of Bernie Jones.

I have a gift to solve problems by random word association.

I have created a personality with a creative expression of the world’s expert discussing any topic ever written as if he knew what he was saying that had no sense whatsoever. I am wearing a pacemaker. I have created a magical cowboy hat that gets compliments everywhere I go. I was gifted a customer-sewn native-frilled leather jacket with antler buttons.

I have a wonderful close network of family & friends.

I am having more fun with my two older brothers than I would have dreamed when I was younger. Both are left-brain thinkers. (Engineer and Investment broker) I have become aware that I am a right-brained dominant with a left-brain sensitive nature.

I am an awakening master at identifying insights.

I am the happiest and most content I have ever been in my 77 years acknowledging that I have value to earn the right to have an insightful kindversation© I have been told that after having one conversation with me you will never be the same. Buddha & Christ walk by my side since 1990. Another wonderful story.