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J. F. Thornton


“I found the process straightforward, elegantly simple, and not focused on pathology. But, most important was the speed with which results were obtained and specifically tailored to the individual concerned. It has the potential to eliminate procrastination and give a person a plan to start on straightway. The process is very flexible and could easily be applied to a wide variety of situations”.

Robert T.,

V.P. Marketing

“Ron has an uncanny ability to enable business and personal associates to understand the current state of their personal and business relationships, to create a view of where one needs to go and to create and capture a plan for success. His processes are professional and comprehensive. His capabilities at bringing out the understanding of issues, and the creation of a plan are extremely valuable to the business, personal and interpersonal relationships”.

D. Sennet

Internet Marketing

“Ron is a visionary who applies his experience-honed skill set and unique methodology to help you reframe your challenges and apply novel solutions. If you haven’t fully realized your vision, he’ll show you how.” "Ron is a man of deep human wisdom and sensitivity combined with a practical, results-oriented mind. The balanced approach that so many people are looking for to have a satisfying professional life."

Anna B.

R. E. Broker

“Ronald is the kindest, loveliest, most intuitive, and the introspective man I have ever met. He makes me feel happy every time I see him. Ronald’s gift is identifying someone’s pain or blockage helping them to work past it. His approach enriched my life and helped me to achieve what I want”.

Arei B.

M. S. W.

“I am an unabashed and enthusiastic fan. I used the process to design a three-year plan for myself. All the goals I had set have been accomplished. Recently, having arrived at a new transition in my very busy life, I was faced with a variety of appealing yet confusing options for my future. It seemed wise to turn to the process for clarity, guidance, and direction. It’s fast and effective. At the end of 3 remarkably productive hours, I had a clear picture of the future I want, a clear understanding of potential challenges (both internal and external), and a laid-out action plan to put into immediate effect. The process is enabling me to manage the complexities of my life, rather than be immobilized and inclusive”.

From:  Sirkka
To:   Ron

Ron you’re a charismatic leader, communicator and presenter. You radiate energy and excitement.
From an intangible idea or possibility you create a vivid picture for others and magically get them excited. In a world that rewards self-interested competiveness, the possession of material wealth and a shallow herd mentality, you remain a deep thinker and a spiritual and intuitive person.
You are definitely a “Yes!” person. You’re positive and idealistic, curious ... you have a childlike enthusiasm. You have a delicious sense of humour that adds joy to the lives of everyone around you. You value learning. You’re interested in people and ideas and ... life! You’re an original and independent thinker. You’re full of ideas. You’re a walking fountain of creativity. Your mind works in fascinating ways.
You have a pure and open heart. Not only are you Not threatened by others’ talent, you are open and welcoming toward others and their ideas. You listen, get excited and encourage others. This is a rare gift you give to people. You don’t try to exploit or dominate others, play games or manipulate. You respect others. You are an enlightened male who respects women. Believe me; I know how rare this is. You are kind classy and respectful toward women.
Your vision of others is not clouded by labels and stereotypes. You are curious about what’s inside people. You’re understanding and supportive. You’re caring, Down-to-earth, authentic and non-judgemental.
One conversation with you can enrich a person’s entire existence.